Sierra Nevada - John Muir Wilderness - Beck Lakes 1975
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On August 9-10, 1975 I did an 18 mile round trip backpack to Beck Lakes.

I drove to Don Stansifer's at Tom's Place Friday night for supper and to show slides to Stansifer's and Gilbreath's and spend the night.

Saturday I left about 6:30 a.m. and drove to Twin Lakes Entrance Station for permit then on to Devil's Postpile. Hit the trail about 8:15 a.m. and headed up the King Creek route to Beck Lakes. Met San Diego Explorers from Chula Vista coming in from Granite Stairway from Yosemite Trek. Met Steve, Lisa, and Scott Sternberg from Fullerton (20, 18, 17) and we played tag along the trail. Shortly after passing Fern Lake side trail I stopped for lunch at cascades near second crossing of King Creek - a nice place. Passed through mosquito infested Superior Lake and met Sternbergs at outlet to lower Beck Lake - a neat place. From a guy we met on the trail we found a nice campsite about 1/4 mile along the north shore of the lake. A couple from Cupertino were camped there also. We made camp and enjoyed each other's company for the evening. To bed about 9 p.m.

Devil's Postpile - Devil's Postpile National Monument 10 Aug 1975
Devil's Postpile - Devil's Postpile National Monument 10 Aug 1975

Got up about 7 a.m. and headed for the upper Beck Lake and then over the southerly saddle to Holcomb Lake. Easy route up to the saddle and a small lake on top, then a sort of hanging valley - very pretty and nice isolated campsite. The lower end of the valley had a snow field which was fairly steep but you could get around in in the rocks which I did and dropped down to beautiful Holcomb Lake over steep loose small talus - no real problem with care. Continued via trail past no-name lake and great views of Iron Mtn and nearby tail end of Minarets. Took the more direct Minaret Creek trail back to Devil's Postpile. Met Scout Troop 1, Santa Monica and a group called Natures Friends. They totaled about 40 + 32 plus about 25 head of pack stack. The troop going to Ashley Lake, the "Friends" to Superior. This trail is more in the trees with no views and not as interesting as the route up - a better down route. Stopped at the Muir Trail for snacks and then on to the Postpile and home after a great weekend. Stopped at Stansifer's for supper.